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The Faces of Partnership Financial

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CFP® & EA / Partner / Senior Advisor / Chief Compliance Officer

Jim is a proud member of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP). Having been a client of an ACP advisor since 2002, Jim understands the great value of working as a comprehensive, fee-only ACP Advisor. He became a partner in Partnership Financial in 2008.

Jim has received extensive training in all areas of personal financial planning through the Ohio State University and specialized training in financial planning techniques through the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners. Jim earned a B.S. in Marketing from Franklin University in 1992. He passed the rigorous CFP® exam in 2007 and became a CFP® in 2011. Also in 2011 Jim became an Enrolled Agent (EA) which allows him to represent clients before the IRS. He is a member of NAPFA (national organization of fee-only financial planners) and the National Association of Tax Preparers.  Jim serves on the board of directors for ACP.

Jim lives in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus. He is married to Suzanne, an RN at the Ross Heart Hospital at OSU. Jim and Suzanne adopted Delaney Hu Davis from the Hubei Provence, China, in 2010 and are enjoying their active elementary school aged daughter. The whole family enjoys the outdoors – biking, going to the park, swimming and neighborhood walks with the family dog.  Jim serves on the board of directors for the Central Ohio Families with Children from China organization and on various church committees.  

Email Jim at Jim@partnershipfinancial.com.

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Support Advisor

Mark is a Support Advisor who works closely with Jim Davis. He graduated from The Ohio State University in December, 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese. Mark is currently working on completing his CFP® certification and came to Partnership Financial expressing that he would like to help individuals and families understand their financial lives and reach their goals through fee-only financial planning. Mark would also like to discover a way to get more financial help to low-income families who can't afford traditional financial planning services and relieve people of the weight of their financial burdens.

Mark lives in Worthington and being raised in Central Ohio, is a true Ohio sports fan. Mark enjoys being active inside and out. His favorite activities are snowboarding, playing hockey, and reading anything that peaks his interest. Throughout the next year, his personal goals are to swim a non-stop mile, learn to water ski, and complete a slalom course without falling.

Email Mark at Mark@partnershipfinancial.com.

Rachel Tufano Photo
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Rachel Tufano

Client Service Manager

Rachel joined Partnership Financial in January of 2018. She was born and raised in Columbus and obtained a degree in Social Work from the Ohio State University. Before transitioning into the world of financial planning Rachel worked as a business specialist at Apple for three years. She wanted to use her expertise in customer service but work for a smaller corporation, so she made the move to Partnership Financial. Rachel is excited to see how she can help the company grow by helping create a customer friendly environment and continuing to learn more about financial planning.

Rachel mentors and teaches in high school and college student Bible studies throughout the week. In her spare time, she loves travelling as well as watching and playing soccer, softball, and football.. She has been to Ireland and Cambodia and this year plans to go to Peru and Israel.

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Advisor Emeritus / Ph.D.

Rob is a Fulbright scholar with a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology. He taught at the Ohio State University for many years. His interest in financial planning developed during this time as he wrestled with financing a growing family, plus OSU’s retirement system and Ohio’s state pension plan.

Rob started Reed Financial Planning LLC in 2000. He merged his company with Partnership Financial LLC in 2013. He is a founding member of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (See Rob's ACP interview).Rob is the author of Your Art Is Your Business and is a regular columnist for Professional Artist magazine. 

Rob retired in 2019 but continues on as a client of Partnership Financial.

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Retired / Founder

Jo Anne Paynter started Partnership Financial LLC in 1996 to work with middle America clients and her focus continues to guide the firm. Jo Anne is a founding member of the Alliance of Cambridge Advisors (ACA)—a non-profit, member-owned organization of fee-only advisors. The ACA changed names in 2014 to the Alliance of Comphrensive Planners (ACP). She was twice appointed to the 100 Top Advisors published by Mutual Funds magazine. Jo Anne has her BSc and MS from Ohio State University (a long family tradition).

She and her husband love obsessing together over New York Times crossword puzzles. They used to enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles as well, but in 2012 they became "parents" to 3 Siberian kittens and have since determined that it will be quite some time before they can spread little cardboard pieces on their dining room table and hope to see all the pieces again...ever. Jo Anne has been doing Pilates for 3 years now, and has been riding and showing her horse, Donna Karan, for two years. This year she hopes to get enough scores to win her Bronze medal in Dressage on Donna.