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Goal Setting

A good financial plan will get you to where you want to go but that begs the question of where do you want to go? We encourage in-depth conversations about what retirement looks like to you, what kind of schooling do you want for your children or grandchildren and any other important life goals.

Cash Management

Do you know where you money goes each month? We can help you find out and then reroute cash to go where you want it to go.


Are you confident that you have the right amount and the right kind of insurance on your life, home and automobiles? We don’t sell insurance but we are there to help evaluate your needs.

Real Estate

Your home is probably your single largest investment and your mortgage your single largest debt. The housing bubble showed everyone how easy it is to get a big house with a big mortgage and end up with a very big problem. We advise on getting the right-size home for your income and the right-size mortgage to fit your cash flow. We will also review your mortgage to see if refinancing might lower your monthly payment.