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financial planner for young professionals

Questions Our Young Professionals Are Facing

“How much money do I need to work with a financial advisor?”

“How much do I contribute to my 401(k), and which investments do I select?”

“What do I do with old 401(k) accounts?”

“How does anyone buy a house in this economy?”

“Do I need a purchase a life insurance policy? And if so, what kind?”

“How many stocks do I need to be ‘diversified?’”

Questions Our Mid-Careerists Are Facing

“How do I coordinate savings plans for vacations, college, and our own retirement?”

“Should I invest in the stock option plan available through work?”

“Am I tracking my business income and expenses correctly?”

“What do I do if the IRS sends me a letter?”

“Are we saving enough for our goals?”

“What are our goals?”

“Will my family be taken care of if something happens to me?”

Mid-Career Financial Advisor

Questions Our Pre-Retirees Are Facing

“How early could I retire?”

“What do we do about healthcare costs before we get to Medicare age?”

“Can I afford to pay that much for the wedding or will that mean I have to work longer?”

“Should I purchase a long-term care insurance policy? And if so, what kind?”

“Are we doing everything we can to save money in taxes?”

“If we renovate the kitchen, how will that affect our goals?”

“We’ve got so many different accounts – how do we invest when retirement is looming?”

“Can I work after I ‘retire?’ How will that affect Social Security?

“What if the stock market crashes?”

Questions Our Retirees Are Facing

“How do we sign up for Medicare, and do we need additional insurance on top of it?”

“When is the right time to take Social Security?” “Do we need a trust?”

“How do we draw money from our retirement accounts to cover our expenses?”

“What if one of us requires long-term care?”

“We got hit with a big tax bill after taking money out of our retirement – how do we avoid that?”

“Will my spouse be okay if something were to happen to me?”


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