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Holistic Financial Planning

Normally, investment portfolios and stock-picking are readily associated with financial planning. We believe the value of professional financial advice goes far beyond investments. We want our clients to sleep well at night knowing their whole financial life is taken care of.

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"Middle America"

Our typical clients belong to a subgroup called "middle America." They tend to be family-oriented people who understand the value of their hard-earned wealth. Some own rental properties, farms, or small businesses while others have been long-term W2 employees that dedicated years to their professional career. As a result of their accumulated success, they now find themselves facing the complexities that come with managing significant assets. Our aim is to alleviate that burden and guide them through the intricate landscape of financial responsibility.

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Smart strategies

Tax Planning & Preparation

When you partner with us, we will spend a lot of time talking about taxes, especially if you own a business, rental properties, or a farm. We take care to cover which deductions you can take and also provide you with clear ways to record expenditures throughout the year. We will discuss whether pre-tax, Roth, or after-tax accounts are most appropriate to invest in. We will cover the advantages or disadvantages of Roth conversions and stock options.

After you retire, tax planning can continue to save significant money on your annual liability. This often comes in the form of gifting strategies, efficiently doing charitable donations, and designing a comprehensive withdrawal plan.

Want to learn more about the value of tax planning? Read the ACP white paper HERE.

Envision your future

Retirement Planning

Entering retirement opens up numerous questions and seemingly endless options. There is the technical side - replacing your income from other sources, obtaining new insurance, consolidating assets, and ensuring you don't over (or under) spend. Then there are also general questions related to how you will spend your time, where you will live, how often you want to travel, and the impact you plan to have in your post-working years.

We enter into all of these questions with our clients. We also work together with you during your working years to help you develop a vision for your future, establish appropriate savings levels, and stay disciplined in your investment course so as to realize a fulfilling life post-career.

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A comprehensive approach


Holistic financial planning extends far beyond your investment portfolio, but we still believe in proper portfolio management. There is a lot of misinformation available when it comes to investments, so we patiently explain our recommendations to each of our clients, as well as provide the research that has led to our conclusions.

We review all of your accounts, too, to design a globally-diversified investment plan. This includes bank accounts, old (and current) work retirement plans, pensions, HSAs, brokerage accounts, you name it. If it relates to your investment plan, we advise on it.

Disciplined investment management is normally key to realizing the retirement future you have planned. So, when it comes to your portfolio we will keep you focused on the right things and guide you away from all the noise. Moreover, we feel strongly that you should understand the investments we recommend. If an investment is too complex for us to understand, we would not recommend it to our clients.

Peace of mind

Estate Planning

We understand that estate planning is not the most thrilling of financial topics, but we do know it holds extreme value for your loved ones. An untimely death can lead to difficulties in getting money where you wanted it to go. Therefore, we insist on regularly reviewing each of our clients' estate plans to ensure decisions are up to date.

As with our investment philosophies, we prefer an estate plan that is effective, yet comprehensible by you. We are always available to attend meetings with our clients' attorney in an effort to ensure your wishes for your assets are fulfilled.

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Insurance & Benefits

Too often, decisions on insurance are made and then forgotten. They also tend to be made in the presence of an insurance salesperson. We believe a regular assessment of your insurance plans (and guidance from someone other than a salesperson) can provide hundreds and even thousands of dollars in savings.

When our clients are in their working years, we review benefits offerings and advise on which are most appropriate and which are unnecessary. We review all of your other policies - life, homeowners, auto, umbrella - to make sure you understand if any gaps exist, as well as if there are excesses you can save money by cutting.

For retirees, additional discussions must be had. We look at long-term care policies, Medicare, supplemental insurance, and Social Security - all so that you can be confident you have a proper, but not excessive, insurance plan.

Planning for Achievement


It is common when clients begin working with us, they do not have a clear vision of their goals. However, we believe that all of the planning described above may be useless if it points in the wrong direction.

Some want to accumulate a lot of wealth while others prefer to put a limit on how much will be saved. Some may sleep well with an aggressive approach to their financial plan while others need something conservative and risk-averse. Further, some will retire early while others will work well into their 80s.

Each of these scenarios impacts the "best" available decisions now. When you work with us, we will help you figure out what you are aiming for. And then we will advise on the best course to get there. And the better we know you, the better our planning becomes. That is why we love, and have enjoyed, long-term relationships with our clients.

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Do you sell insurance?

No, we do not. Because we do not sell the policies, we believe we can provide unbiased advice on them.

Can you draft wills & other estate documents?

No, we are not attorneys, but we will work closely with your attorney or recommend a trusted attorney to help you.

Can I do my own taxes?

If our clients prefer us not to prepare their tax return, we ask they have a tax professional do it rather than doing it themselves.

How will I keep track of my accounts?

We utilize account aggregation software that allows you to track spending, saving, and growth over time for all of your various accounts.

Do you receive commissions for your recommendations?

No, we are only paid through client fees. We have no compensatory relationships with any other businesses. See more information in our Firm ADV Part II.

Are you fiduciaries?

Yes, and proud of it. As your advisors, we are obligated to put your interests above our own.

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