Our Process

Getting Started


Our first meeting is complementary. We use this time to ask extensive questions about what has been done, what was intended, and what you want done.

Covering the details

The Fine Print

If, after our first meeting, we seem like a good fit to you, we will schedule another meeting (also no cost). During this, we will quote a fee, present an agreement, and walk through all the fine print. We want to ensure no question goes unanswered before we get started.

Building momentum

First Year

The first year is busy – we may see each other every other month. During this time, we cover everything soup to nuts. It will take time for us to understand how you operate, and it will take time for you to understand our philosophies in various areas of your financial world.

Making Progress

Second Year

Sometimes, plans we set in the first year may take time to implement. Moreover, meeting every other month may not be ideal, depending on your schedule. During the second year, we are usually still setting things in motion.

A long-term partnership

Ongoing Years

After things are set in motion, we continue to meet two or three times a year (or more, if you would like). We make adjustments as your life and the world (read: laws) change, we continue to aggressively (but lawfully) seek tax deductions and, most importantly, hold you accountable to your plans.

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intro meeting

Getting to know you


However we come into contact with one another – an introduction through an existing client, a run-in at an event, or an email to inquire more about us – we want to learn as much about your financial world as we can before we enter into a formal partnership. We want to be sure our philosophies align and that you would comfortable with us as your trusted advisors. At this stage, expect us to request some information from you and to ask lots of questions.

Depending on your situation, we do our first meeting virtually or in person. It is never a paid consultation. The purpose is to vet one another to see if we may work well together and if holistic financial planning is right for you.

Reviewing the details

The Fine Print

If, after our first meeting, we all feel confident about moving forward, we will schedule a time to meet again. This second meeting is also never paid.

This second meeting gives you the opportunity to think about additional questions you may have, read through any material we shared with you during the first meeting, or interview other firms you would like to consider. During this second meeting, we will quote a fee, discuss what our first several actions might be, and walk you through a formal agreement. We feel transparency is the best way to start a relationship, so during this meeting, we will explain our agreement in detail in order that you know what to expect from us.

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Moving forward

First Year

During our first year working together (sometimes this spans over two years), we may request to meet with you upwards of six times, depending on the breadth and complexity of issues we need to cover. Our aim is to get all your “ducks in a row.” To do so, we spend each meeting covering different financial topics. This gives you a chance to explain, in detail, what you have been doing already, as well as ask numerous questions to us. As we make recommendations, we want you to understand the why behind our advice.

You will never receive from us a stack of pages displaying graphs, projections, and models, which is called your “financial plan.” Too often, those “plans” get buried in a drawer. We will, however, provide you with summary meeting notes and action items following each meeting. Over time, these effectively become your financial plan.

Fine-tuning advice and actions

Second Year

After the first year, we’ve gone a long way to organizing your financial world and charting a path for going forward. There may still be some outstanding items we continue to follow up on, but you will be freed up to focus on other things. This is where we can dive more into your vision for your wealth – your legacy. While it may be fun to watch money grow, we don’t believe you will be satisfied simply to do that. So we will continue to fine tune our advice and actions based on how you want your wealth to impact your family and those around you.

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Support for the long-term

Ongoing Years

After the first one or two years, things will be running more smoothly and we won’t need to request as many meetings with you (though you may always initiate meeting with us when needed). You will be freed up to focus on things other than your finances. But our work is not complete. As tax laws change, we will continue seeking ways to reduce your tax burden, present and future. We will monitor the investment plan we agree on and make adjustments as markets move. As your life and family continue to grow, we will ensure your estate plan and insurance policies are still in order. All the time, too, we will be here for you to bounce ideas off of, so that you won’t have to worry about making any mistakes.

You will never stop hearing from us, as we will keep initiating to meet together multiple times a year.

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